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Transformers Generations Legends Bluestreak Review

I have been off work for almost a month, after having an operation to reconstruct my ACL, which I tore playing football late last year. As I am bored, I have spent a ridiculous amount of time scanning EBay for crazy bargains, and I came across one with this.

For £2.34, buy it now, I got the Asian Generations Legends Bluestreak shipped all the way from the other side of the world.

That's less than the cost of a pint!

Car Mode

It looks a little wonky here, but that's just the bumpiness of the bricks. The car is a sports car of some sort, that to me resembles Jazz from the live action movie a little.

I think its the way the back is quite short?

The most obvious thing, that will grab your attention though is the colour scheme. Hasbro have gone for Bluestreaks colour scheme from the cartoon, which looks very nice.

Its a cool car mode, covered in a lot more detail than you would usually find on a toy this size.

Crucially, it fits Bluestreak well, and you could see him upgrading from his vintage Datsun, to whatever this is.

Vehicle mode is very smooth, with the transformation panel lines neatly integrated. For example, where the sides pull out, the lines resemble a door.

Its also incredibly solid, and holds together extremely tightly, so its good for kids to play with without falling to pieces in their hand, or struggling to get bits to stay tabbed in.

You may have noticed obvious peg holes on the sides of the car, and that's because unlike most legends figures of this scale - Bluestreak actually comes with an accessory. You get his rifle, and instead of plugging into a hole on top as you would usually find, it tabs into the side.

Its not a successful look, but its an extra and is great to have for robot mode.

Speaking of which...

Robot Mode

Transformation is very simple, and you would expect nothing less from a legends class figure. First you pull the side panels out to form the arms, then unfold the back section of the car to form the legs, and flip out the feet. Finally, you flip down the bonnet of the car to form the chest and you are done.
If you have ever handled the older Universe Legends Jazz figure - its the exact same transformation, though a different mold (specifically, it is a slight remold of legends of Prowl).

What you end up with is a decent looking robot mode, which for £2.34 - I can't complain about.

The proportions are a little wonky, with a huge chest, but again its a simple legends toy. Its unmistakably Bluestreak, from the colour scheme, to the head crest.

The head sculpt is pretty cool, and does a good job. I would have taken a close up photo, but it started raining as I was trying to do it!

Bluestreak has an okay degree of poseability for a figure this size. Ball jointed shoulders and hips, bending knees and some foot articulation.

The lack of elbow articulation always spoils these figures a little for me, as they would be so much better for it if that were included.

You can get some decent poses, but the awkward shape of his feet (they are not flat) can hamper that.

I definitely recommend him, as it just over £2 you really can't go wrong, particularly if you collect legends figures. He has a fun transformation, and its Bluestreak who does not get anywhere near enough toy love.

To be honest, instead of writing a review, it would probably have been fairer to just put "for £2.34, can't really argue with this figure".

Personally, I don't collect legends figures, but I do find myself picking up more and more of them just to fiddle with and chuck around Metroplex.

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