Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Takara Transformers Generations Legends Arcee

takara transformers legends arcee

This was supposed to be a Combiner Wars Breakdown review, but then the Postman bought Arcee to my door much sooner than I was expecting.

Boy, is she pretty in  Pink. Ha, right now that one is finally out of my system, ahem, here we go with Takaras take on Generations Arcee,
Whilst Arcee has had copious figures over the years, non of them were of her Generation incarnation which despite featuring prominently in the Movie and 3rd season of the cartoon, never received an toy.

takara transformers legends arcee box

When Hasbro announced this toy, it felt like a near 30 itch had finally been scratched, so why did I go for the Takara version and not the much cheaper Hasbro toy?
Any time someone buys a Takara figure it always comes back to the paint job, right?

The Hasbro figure had some extra black bits, to try and tie it in with IDW (I think?), and the ones on her side made he look like she was carrying a walkman with the headphone cable running up her side.

Arcees figure is so G1 it hurts, so when pictures of Takaras try surfaced, complete with super accurate G1 colour scheme - I knew that was the version I was buying.

But was it worth breaking my own strict rules on how much I will spend on a deluxe figure? Hit the button below to see the full Transformers Legends Arcee review.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Combiner Wars Dead End Review

The Stunticon group

When Combiner Wars was first announced, and the individual figures shown, Dead End was not the one I thought looked the best - but it was the one I most wanted in my hands.

Sounds creepy.

His first real update since the original Generation 1 toy, it comes as part of the hit Combiner Wars line, but does it live up to the standards set by the first wave?

To see the Dead End review, hit the button below.

Full disclosure: I am writing this review listening to Omar's "There's Nothing Like this". Wonder what happened to that guy? That is a wikipedia research project for a day at work next week....

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

MECH iDEAS - Demolition Crue DC03 - Gauntlet Review

Mech Ideas Gauntlet figure

This started as an article about figures that slipped under the radar, and never got the attention they really deserved. Whilst writing the original article, a chance posting on Facebook reminded this toy existed and then I managed to get hold of one a couple of days later.

Gauntlet started out as a design by a new 3rd party group called Mach 5, who then ironically went bust before releasing a product. An onslaught of repaints of this guy were announced, then the company went under and Mech Ideas took over and released it under their Demolitions Crue brand following on from their Topspin and Twin Twist homages. yeah, somewhere along the line it actually made it out into the world but didn't seem to generate much of a buzz, which is unusual for a figure based on such a popular character as Ironfist from the IDW Transformers comics.

Enough of my rambling, hit the button below to see the full Mech Ideas Gauntlet review