Saturday, 1 March 2014

X2 Toys Strengthen Equipment - Generations Hoist and Trailcutter Upgrade Kit

With Trailbreaker (or Trailcutter as he is now officially named, but I will refer to him as Trailbreaker as that's who he is) and Hoist both making an appearance in the Transformers Generations line last year, gaps were filled in collections across the world.

But whilst both share the same mold, and are excellent figures, something was clearly missing - mostly in Hoist's case.

So 3rd parties answered the call, and did what they do best - created an upgrade kit.
X2 toys is a new one on me, and I have no idea if they have released any other products prior to this, so I have no opinion of them as a company before this.

Is the set worth the £20 it cost? Hit the button below to read the review after the jump