Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Transformers Masterpiece Smokescreen MP-19 Review

Takaras MP-19 Smokescreen

The 3rd of the Masterpiece Datsun figures to be released, Smokescreen is a fan favourite due to his character in the show, and also his original toy.

Takara have recently released Prowl (my review can be found here ), Bluestreak (still need to finish off that review) and then followed those with Smokescreen. Probably the most anticipated of the trio, due to being a beloved figure and also the most unique of the 3, he finally arrived in December.

I got mine delivered on Christmas Eve, so he was a Christmas miracle - and a welcome distraction from the mass eating of festive chocolate.

So does he live up to the hype?

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Transformers Prime Voyager Ultra Magnus

I will let you in a little secret - I don't really like Transformers Prime.

Its not that I dislike it, but its a show and toy line that I am very indifferent too. I watched the show, all the way through to the end (including the movie), but it never really grabbed.

Yet somehow I have managed to end up with a shelf full of Prime figures, featuring the entire show cast minus, Predaking, Skyquake and Shockwave.

This implies that I must really like the toy line, but I don't. Most of it feels a bit rubbish, with figures being fragile, being overly complex, feeling cheap, and generally not being fun toys.

I will say there is one clear exception to this, which is Wheeljack, who is the best Wheeljack figure we have ever had. Starscream and Dreadwing are both cool Voyagers, and having a small army of Vehicons is of course awesome.

Those exceptions made, as a whole, its not a good line - the fun is missing.

So how did I end up with so many of them? Surely it must mean I do really like them, and somehow I have tricked myself into thinking otherwise? Well, it is actually thanks to them being on near permanent discount at almost every shop in the UK.

I think the only ones I have paid full price for are Wheeljack (who is the one figure I would say is awesome) and Ratchet (just....I dunno...because).

Ultra Magnus is one of those figures I have seen in pictures and on shop shelves for a long, long time, and sort of liked without ever being interested enough to buy him. Then when he came into the show, he had a different design to his toy, which then was translated into a brand new toy - which was a remold of the original Optimus Prime Voyager which has been clogging up shelves for well over a year.


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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

MMC Fortis Review

mastermind creations fortis review

Bovis is the 2nd of Mastermind Creations Feral Cons to be released, though was originally intended to be the 5th. MMC bumped him forward, and delayed the others in order to make a couple of changes to them. It makes sense, as the only other one that is out, is Bovis and he is pretty much the same figure - so the mold did not really need changing.

I put a review of Bovis up recently, so please read that for more thoughts on the mold. As it is, I will speed through this one, as there is not a great deal off difference.

A disclaimer is necessary though. I had a real hard time reviewing this figure, trying to find new things to say about it, whilst trying not to be critical of how similar it is to the previous figure. Bits have bee rewritten, deleted, changed, started again - so it may not be as coherent as I would like, and I apologise in advance.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014

MMC Bovis Review

Mastermind Creations having been slowly knocking out their 3rd party Feral Cons, which are updated versions of the original Generation 1 Predacon's.

Slowly is not an understatement, as the whole project was announced well over a year ago and pre orders up not long after. Bovis was finally released in October, whilst Fortis (the not Headstrong was pushed forwards to November, but then delayed until December. Leo Dux (not Razorclaw) was moved forwards to December, but has since been delayed until March (that is ages!)

So you can see, MMC are not shy in delaying their figures. I can't really criticise them for it, as if it results in better figures, then its got to be a good thing. When you are dealing with such expensive, collector driven pieces - you have to get it right. Thankfully MMC have embraced the online communities, and scored a lot of brownie points a long the way.

        Photo Courtesy of Lazyaza on TFW2005

The Feral Cons combine into Feral Rex (or will eventually), who is their version of Predaking. As you can see from the photo above, he looks amazing, which is why fans are literally salivating at the thought of getting all the figures for this guy. I have never been so excited for a set of figures, even if the wait is long (with many a winding road...zing.)

I got Bovis back in October, but never got round to doing a review of him due to forgetting he was even there. So when Fortis finally landed last week, I decided to do a joint review seeing as they are both almost exactly the same figure.

Doing this did not work so well, so I decided to just review them both separately.

So here is my long overdue review of the spectacular Bovis, Mastermind Creations version of the G1 Predacon - Tantrum.

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