Monday, 25 August 2014

Micro Yamaguchi Revoltech Revolmini Solid Snake Review

 Micro Yamaguchi Revol mini rm-001 Solid Snake

I don't usually bother with Revoltech figures. As much as they are wonderfully sculpted and detailed, I do not like how the articulation works with them.

I have the Optimus Prime and Megatron figures that were produced, based on the Dreamwave comics designs, but despite being very poseable, the articulation always seems very awkward.

back in February I was pre-ordering Masterpiece Wheeljack on Anime Export when I spotted a new Solid Snake figure listed based on the original PlayStation game.

I had to order it, despite my reservations about Revoltech figures.

Year ago I had the Macfarlane toys Snake and Meryl figures, but the head sculpt on Solid Snake was derpy to say the least.

So how does this Revoltech figure stack up? Has it changed my opinion on Revoltech figures? Or have I flushed some money down the drain?

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Keiths Fantasy Club BoxBomber Review

It was inevitable that once a Masterpiece Soundwave was announced, a 3rd party toy company would appear to bring us the cassettes that were not slated for release.

So step forward Keiths Fantasy Club, or KFC- though not to be confused with the worlds leading provider of fried chicken. Keith has bought us some cool figures in the last year, with a few different cassettes, various versions of Perceptor and more recently the amazing looking Citizen Stack and Sencho Barbossa.

Citizen Stack is a figure I would dearly love to have, even just for a brief time, but alas it is out of my price range at the momenr. I really need a lottery win as I really want to add it to my collection and take lots of pictures of it :(
It looks like such a fun toy. Another one is KFC's take on Slamdance, the Autobot combiner cassettes which I really do need to find. Clearly I like Keith's designs more than I thought.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand and that is Bird Bomber. Based on the later G1 Cassette toys of Squawktalk and Beastbox who combined to form Squawkbox, KFC have produced a couple of figures that Takara are very unlikely to ever bother with.
So this is a great way to fill that burning gap on your Masterpiece shelf (said no one ever about Squawkbox), or more aptly just give you more play value from Soundwave.

The original Squawkbox was released in 1988, as the Transformers brand was slowing right down in terms of popularity and as such they did not appear in any of the cartoon series or even the original comics. Instead, their fictional appearances have been limited to brief cameos in IDW's various series.

So not a character everyone is crying out for then? Well, no not really, they are not one of the first names (or even one of the top 50) anyone thinks of when asked to name Transformers characters but they were cool tools, with an interesting combining gimmick. So actually, they are pretty cool.

KFC have had a dubious reputation for quality control in the past, but that is always going to be a peril of doing cassette size figures due to their tiny size. But lets see how these guys stand up.

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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Mastermind Creations Talon Review

I believe this figure was first revealed, and put up for pre-order, almost two years ago. Originally slated to be the first Feral Con released, he was delayed several times due to revisions and various other issues, and slipped back to being the 4th figure from the set to make it into fans hands.

Feral Rex is now just one member short of being completely, ready to dominate your shelves and finally give your wallet a little breather.

So after the long wait, does the figure live up to the hopes and dreams of many a collector?

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