Sunday, 18 October 2015

Perfect Effect PC-04 Pefect Combiner Menasor upgrade kit review

perfect effect pc04 upgrade kit combiner wars menasor
Perfect Effect PC04 Combiner Wars Menasor upgrade kit

Wahey, I'm back, dusting off the blog and resurrecting it from the dead (it wasn't dead). It has been a quiet month or two of toy buying- much to the delight of my bank account. Now things seem to be rolling again in the "Liam likes this enough to buy it" stakes, so there is probably going to be quite a slew of new articles on here as we hit November.
As Depeche Mode said - "I just can't get enough"

So what do we have here? An upgrade kit for Combiner Wars Menasor? Yikes.

Perfect Effect are the self appointed saviours of Combiner Wars. Busying themselves knocking out upgrade kits for each of Hasbro's combiners released thus far.

I reviewed the hands and feet sets here, and was not completely impressed by them. Then Perfect Effect moved away from the extremities and into the torsos of the first two Combiners with kits that didn't grab me for the longest time.

Clearly I have been swayed.

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