Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Maketoys RM01 Cupola Review (Masterpiece Chromedome)

maketoys cupola review

The third party trend for weird names continues, this time with Maketoys Cup holder. Cuckold. Cupola...even.

According to Radio Free Cybertron it means "Dome" which is an interesting a way of getting around not actually being able to call him Chromedome for fear of Hasbros dusty legal hammer (seriously, at this point third party companies may as just well call them their legit names and whack the badges on there).

This is my first Maketoys product, as their other offerings have been a bit too stylised for my tastes and have not floated my boat. But this, as a childhood fan of the original Chromedome toy, I saw this and knew like Wayne Campbell, that she will be mine.
Or he.

Here we have their first figure in their RE:Master series, which is effectively them hoping onto the Transformers Masterpiece bandwagon and making themselves comfortable.

Click below to see if Maketoys Cupola lives up to the considerable hype

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus Review

combiner wars leader ultra magnus

Hasbro have continued to whack out toys influenced by IDW with perhaps the strongest example so far - Ultra Magnus. A leader class figure, not only is his design lifted straight from the pages of More Than Meets The Eye ,but it is the first time since Generation 1 that Hasbro have produced an Ultra Magnus toy the way it should be - a car carrier that turns into a giant armoured robot.

Read on to see if Combiner Wars Ultra Magnus can live up to the hopes and dreams of millions of fanbots (like me)

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Combiner Wars Legends Rodimus Review

combiner wars legends rodimus

Careering out of left field, here before us we have a Combiner Wars Hot Rod Rodimus figure. But instead of being a Deluxe limb, or a Voyager combiner torso (as his ego would demand) Hasbro have distilled his essence into a legends class figure.
Well, if by distilling they mean giving Blackjack a new head and paint job.

He even has that ridiculous axe....sort of thing.

Just before I get on with reviewing this fella, I haven't updated this blog much lately, as I have been busy writing two articles for the good folks over at Masterforce....and also socialising a little too much.

You can read my reviews of Boldforms Lonewolf here and Combiner Wars Cyclonus here if you want to pass some time.

Please do. Pretty please.

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