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Renderform RF-015 Nightshade - Universe Darkwind upgrade set

a new head and guns for unvierse darkwind

A couple of weeks back, I picked up a Transformers Universe Darkwind (an update of Generation 1 Darkwing, and repaint of the Universe Voyager Silverbolt) from EBay for the bargain price of £1.24. Sure its a little battered, and was missing his gun, clearly it had been beaten up by a child - but that did not matter.

I really liked the figure as Silverbolt, but the the colour scheme on Darkwind looks better and really fits the character. Sadly, Hasbro didn't feel a need to remold the head so it was just a straight colour swap.
Boooo Hasbro!

So in stepped Renderform who created a new head and weapons set, that sold out and has been highly sought after on the secondary market. However, recently he did an updated version with a new head sculpt, and I managed to snag one.

You get a brand new, more accurate head, 2 grey G1 styled guns and as a bonus he threw in a gorgeous clear purple gun.

This is my first Renderform kit, and if you want to see some pretty pictures and read a review of the set - then click the button and continue after the jump.


To install the new head, its very easy. You twist the stock head of the figure around, remove the screw and split the head apart. The you simply split the new head in half, and attach it the two half's to the neck, and screw it back together.

Its very simple, but once its on the change is quite dramatic.

new head on darkwind

Gone is the Silverbolt head with blue mouth, and instead we have a far more accurate G1 head. If you a fan of the Masterforce cartoon as I am, this will really make you smile.

There's loads of detailing, and the sculpting is superb. The horns make it look devilish, and really evoke the character from the Masterforce cartoon (there, he was called Hydra).

What's neat, is that you don't lose the electronics, so when you transform him his visor does still flash red.

This is the main part of the set for me, and its surprising just how different it makes the figure feel.

renderforms fantastic upgrade kit

The two grey guns are the standard peg size and slot into his hands as you would expect. But again they bring a lot more to the figure than the original gun did, which was just the same as Silverbolt's.

They  are really big, and Darkwind (I am really struggling not to call him Darkwing) looks great wielding them.

The detailing on them is again excellent, and I swear the guy at Renderform must be a wizard.

They do resemble the G1 guns, but they have their own design and look far better for it. There is so much detail here, and with the aesthetic it really fits in with Masterforce and the Destron's underwater base. There is also a steam punk feel, which works nicely.

They are also very solid, and never feel like they are going to break.
As I mentioned at the top, the set included a bonus translucent Purple gun.

I absolutely adore this, it looks like a sweet! None of the detail is lost, which sometimes happens with clear plastic, and it looks just as good in his hands as the grey guns.

When put in front of a light, it glows beautifully and fits with Masterforce's characters having powers and all that kind of thing.

Mine is currently pegged onto his back, because he can never have enough fire power, but I am considering giving it to Perfect Effects Warden figure - as that guy needs a decent rifle.

darkwing upgrade

As I said at the top, this is my very first Renderform set, but its certainly not going to be my last. He is doing a Deathsaurus upgrade for Beast Hunters Dark Steel, which makes me wish I had that figure (thanks Hasbro UK!).

If you have the figure, then you really need this set. The changes it brings, are massive and instantly make it feel like several steps up.

The quality and craftsmanship are excellent, the price is great and I highly recommend it.

Its made me hum the Masterforce theme tune all day

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