Monday, 27 February 2017

Titans Return Broadside Review

titans return broadside review

Generation One Broadside is a toy I vividly remember getting and not for a good reason. A rare example of a Transformer purchase where I felt I'd made the wrong call and instantly regretted, but was seduced by being able to get something new and the gamble didn't pay off.

30 odd years later would those feelings remain with an updated toy in the Titans Return toyline?

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Titans Return Perceptor Review

titans return perceptor review
Titans Return Perceptor review...sighted

In the early 80's Takara released a line of toys called "Micro Change" which was centered around 1:1 scale objects. Hasbro would later fold many of the toys from it into its Transformers line with many several of the franchises most iconic characters being drawn from it. A micro cassette recorder would later go on to be Soundwave, Megatron was pulled from one of the gun toys, a camera would split into three bots to become Reflector and so on and so on.

Hasbro continued to rummage around in Takara's toolbox and found the Microscope robot from Micro Change who would then be reborn as Perceptor - the Autobots science guy.

Now, 30 something years later Hasbro have returned to the character in the Titans Return line with a brand new figure that feels for all the world that it wants to take on a journey back into the past.

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Monday, 6 February 2017

Maketoys MTRM-09 Downbeat review

Maketoys Downbeat review
Maketoys MTRM-09 Downbeat

The Masterpiece Jazz wars were always an inevitability and the only question was - when?

Unquestionably one of the most iconic and popular Transformers it's amazing it's taken this long. Good news is, it seems in 2017 we are about be inundated with claims to the throne from a variety of companies. Toyworld have got one imminently due for reason, Maketoys have just released one Fanstoys have teased one, Hova is allegedly still happening and Generation Toys  released a modern IDW themed take at the tail end of last there's a lot of choice competing for that coveted dusty spot on your shelves.

Downbeat is the first Jazz of 2017 and Maketoys next entry in their excellent RE:Master line that sees them put their signature anime robot style on to Masterpiece style figures. It's also a figure I largely ignored until about a week before it was released, at which point it became something I needed more than food and water.

So does it live up to the hype?

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