Sunday, 20 October 2013

Transformers Masterpiece Prowl MP-17 Review

                                                       "Logic is the ultimate weapon"

Really, I should just post some photo's and let them do the talking. You don't need me to tell you this figure is great, as the figures shows it in spades.

But then this would end up being a photo blog, and I am terrible at taking photo's - which will be showcased further on. Hoping someone buys me a light box for Christmas. I have definitely been a good boy this year.

Come on Santa!

Prowl was one of the original line up of Transformers toys that hit in 1984. A Nissan Police car - he is definitely one of the most iconic figures from the original Transformers line. It was repainted into Bluestreak, and later remolded into Smokescreen - but Prowl is probably the most famous version of the mold.

He was one of those toys that most kids of the era had, at least in the playground of the school I went to, and also one of the most easily breakable. He has been updated many times, across the various reinterpretations of Transformers, and is a mainstay of the franchise - but is best remembered from Generation 1.

Now, almost 30 years later, Takara have brought him into the Masterpiece line and created another amazing toy that not only matches up to the cartoons animation model - but also has an accurate real world vehicle mode.

I swear, they have magicians and Wizards working at Takara, and to see their work and read the review - hit the button below.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Transformers Generations Voyager Sandstorm Review

"When the smoke clear's - I've cleared out!"

Well, after many week's I am back with a post. I have been to Spain, and since I have got back just been very busy with things going on. So I am hoping to get back posting a bit more regularly. Though it's not as if anyone is actually reading these blog posts.

I have just noticed, I have not posted an actual review of anything since August. There's a review of Masterpiece Soundwave and assorted Cassette minions that I have been meaning to finish since that figure first came out.

Need to get on that.

Anyway, Sandstorm, the G1 Triple Changer. As a kid, I remember wanting Sandstorm and seeing him in the old Toy Master store, in Broad Marsh Shopping Centre in Nottingham, for many week's during my Grans Saturday morning shopping trips - which I was always dragged along to. But hey, I always got toys. Sandstorm though, for some reason eluded me for weeks until my gran finally gave in and took me to buy him...only I chose something else. I cant even remember what toy I chose instead, but its one of those memories burned into my mind.
So Sandstorm is a 25 year or so itch I have yet to scratch. May have to rectify that with some EBay stalking this week.

But last week, I finally gave in and ordered Generations Voyager Class Sandstorm from Kapow Toys and he turned up promptly. I have wanted this figure for ages, but have just not gotten round to buying him. Mainly because I already own one version of the mold in Springer, and I tend to want to buy new things first. But when I saw him in the sale, he became a must buy.

I am very relieved I did as well...

To read the review, and see all of the pictures - hit the button