Friday, 29 November 2013

Masterpiece Prowl Update - Things that should have come with him to start with!

When I originally reviewed the Masterpiece Prowl figure, I did not have the Amazon exclusive launchers to go with him. At the time I did not mind, as he looks great without them and in the cartoon he did not have them.

But when a deal for £12 posted for the pair, popped up - I had to jump. I am really glad I did...

Monday, 25 November 2013

Masterpiece Lazerbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage, Rumble and Frenzy Review

There was a funny thing that happened the other week, at my house. My girlfriends Brother and his Wife had come round to get some things out of the loft, including a large bag of cassette tapes. Going through them, their 4 year old child had absoloutely no concept of what they were or what they did.

That made me feel really old.

Of course, no one uses tapes any more as they are outdated in every sense, but it was strange to see how alien they are to kids now.

Though I would like to point out for the purposes of accuracy, that I know that Soundwave was a micro-cassette recorder, and the tapes of course, were micro-cassette tapes.
Despite in the cartoon being playerd almost exclusively as a normal sized tape player and tapes.

Scale and all that.

Originally, I planned to release Soundwave and his Tape Minions all as one set. But it became apparent quite early on, that I had far too much waffle to fit it all into one article.

So instead, I have split the review into two chunks. One reviewing Soundwave and his accessories (which can be found here) and then another focusing on the 5 Cassette minions he comes with.

There is so much to discuss, and if you wish to know more - hit the button below to see the review

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave Review

"Cries and screams are music to my ears"


That was my first expression on getting this figure - woah.

Hasbro have really outdone themselves with this set. You get Soundwave, all 5 cassette-bots, tape cases for all of them, Rumble and Frenzy's pile drivers, a sensor device, an alternate chest piece that can be used to display readouts, a gun mode Megatron and an Energon cube that can be attached to his chest. Incidentally, the Energon cube was an Amazon exclusive in Japan.

Its a lot of stuff, all at £120ish. When you consider that the Takara Soundwave cost £150 or so at most online retailers - it becomes clear just how much of a bargain it is.

What makes it even sweeter,  is that in the UK the box is the same as the American version. Which means that we, the originators of the English language - actually get full English text on the box and in the instructions.
No multi language nonsense. Well done Hasbro UK, please keep it up, pleeaaaaaaaase. We speak English, in fact its our language, so we don't need French, German, Spanish, Italian and whatever other languages you can squeeze in there.

The box itself is the first of a new style of packaging for the Masterpiece line in the west. Gone is the clear plastic craziness, and in its place is a sleek, classy box. The Decepticon logo and Soundwaves name are embossed on there, and the cover slips off. They have even started renumbering the Masterpieces, as Soundwave is "MP-02", though in reality (and Japanese numbering) he is actually MP-13. Which is kinda fitting, as Soundwave was always one of the creepiest Transformers.

The box feels expensive, which is crucial really with such an expensive set. But enough about the box - we want to talk about it's contents.

Which is all of this lot

Well not all of it, not yet at least, as I am going to review Soundwave first, then the tapes in a separate post.

There is just way too much to talk about, so hit the button below to continue on with the review, and to see lots of photos