Wednesday, 5 April 2017

MechFansToys 07 Galvontron review

galvatron vs unicron

"Behold - Galvontron". Wait, that's not how it goes. 

Third parties are leaning ever closer to Hasbro's trademarked names without ever jabbing their flag right in the face, and Galvontron is comically close to the character it's intended to be - Galvatron. Mechfanstoys like to prove they don't discriminate when it comes to knocking off toys, this time pinching a fellow third parties figure in the form of DX9's Tyrant. But making it better.

Does better mean different enough to not feel shady? Read on to find out.

Perfect Effect PC-15 Legends Super Ginrai upgrade kit review

perfect effect pc-15 jinrai upgrade kit review

Perfect Effect carved out a pretty decent niche as the go to guys for upgrade kits during Combiner Wars and now they've set their sights on Titans Returns which will please many people who hate keeping hold of money. like myself. Their latest attempt to aggrandise a figure falls on Takara's Marmite flavoured bot - Legends Super Ginrai. Or Hasbro's Powermaster Optimus Prime. It works on both so go with whatever you fancy. 

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