Monday, 30 June 2014

Unique Toys Metropolis Cityset for Generations Metroplex

Unique toys metroplex upgrade

Unique Toys are a company who's toy's I have never bought, as they always seem to come with some caveat.

First there was the Predaking who needed a whole separate chest section to be added, that stored nowhere. Then there was the Galvatron (Mani King), who had no wrist swivels, giving him Gorilla arms. Next up were Sharkticons which were either broken, or not the joins were not lined up properly, and a G1 style Blaster who was too small to fit the standard Cassette bots. Not for me thanks.

But this then curiosity started to appear. A new head for Generations Metroplex, based more on his comics appearance, and some extra little accessories for his other modes.

I am a sucker for add-on's for Metroplex, so I was eager to hand over money for it.

unique toys new nogging for metroplex

The odd thing is, when it came the box has a a rather nice image of G1 Metroplex on the front, of which no part of this set is based, nor is the figure it is designed to upgrade.


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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lego Ghostbusters Ecto-1- pictorial review of the build

A review of the ECTO-1 set from Lego

I don't get any Lego sets in years, and then two come along in quick succession.

Like buses then.

My girlfriend, bought me the Lego Ecto-1 for our anniversary a couple of weeks back, proving yet again that she is wonderful, amazing and all of that.

I love Ghostbusters, and I am quite fond of Lego, so this is an absolute no brainer. To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the first Ghostbusters movie, Lego have released a set based on their ever popular Ecto-1.

Winston and Egon work on the Lego Ecto-1

It's the second 80's movie themed set to come from the Cuusoo initiative (recently renamed "Lego Ideas), whereby people submit ideas and designs for sets, then if they gain enough support Lego will look at it, see if its possible and then release it. Of course, in the case of sets based on franchises, Lego have to acquire the license, and just like they did with Back to the Future-they managed to secure one for the Ghostbusters.
Much to the relief of the millions of us still stuck in our 80's childhood-Proton packs and all.

I will get this out of the way now, its an amazing set and insanely fun to build and you should buy it.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Transformers Generations Whirl Voyager Class Review

the wreckers team from marvel comics
Wreck and Rule

With his starring role in IDW's recent comic book series, and rise in popularity, it was a no surprise that Hasbro would eventually give us an update of the character in the Generations line. But was was a surprise, is that there was already a deluxe class version (a repaint of FOC Vortex) released recently, and also how much of an homage to the original toy this is, as opposed to being based on IDW's design as we have seen with other figures recently

So Generations Whirl is an update of his Generation 1 figure. In a twist of irony, just like his Generation 1 figure - Generations Whirl has not been released in the UK.

Same old Hasbro UK.

So after importing the figure, and playing around with it - is it any good?

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Kraang Lab Escape

 Reading this blog, you would be forgiven for thinking its solely for putting up pictures of Transformers. That is the brand I seem to spend most of money on, when it comes to toys, but I do venture into toy lines too.

Lego is not often one of them, not because I don't like Lego, but because normally its quite expensive and I only have so much room in my house.
On my lunch break today, I was having a wander around Sainsburys, and whilst trying to decide which was a better option, Sushi or a Cheese and Onion pasty, I nipped over to have a look at the toys. Nothing stood out, lots of Lego and Transformers Age of Extinction stuff amongst other toys, but then on my way back I stumbled across the Clearance isle.

Amongst a sea of discounted Transformers Beast Hunters Legion figures (none of which I bought) was the last piece of Turtles Lego in the place, and it was reduced by 50% to £5 - I couldn't say no.

As a kid I was massively into Turtles after Transformers and He-Man died. It filled the void, and then expanded past whatever any of them had ever been. The new Turtles show is even better, and seriously if you are not watching it - you really should be.

If you like Lego, and Turtles, hit the button to see a few pictures of the build.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Transformers Masterpiece MP12-G G2 Sideswipe Review

In the early 1990's, Hasbro decided to try and revive to its dying Transformers line, by rebranding it. Generation 2 was not the kiss of life it hoped for, it was merely a form of life support.

The cartoon was repackaged in the worst possible way, rendering it almost unwatchable, but the toy line was much better. Not only did we get new figures later on, but we got re-releases of the original toys in jazzy new colours. Blue Dinobots? Hasbro had you covered man.

Some of these were less successful, but there were a few good ideas in there. One of which, was repainting G1 Sideswipe from red to black, and making him an absolute nut job in the comic books

Takara, in an effort to get more life and money out of the Masterpiece Lambor mold, saw fit to pay homage to that character by releasing it as a Masterpiece figure, complete with comic inspired angry face. The Internet rejoiced and I screamed like my mind.

I had the original toy, and knew I had to pre order this the second it became available.

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Monday, 2 June 2014

Reprolabels Beast Hunters Smokescreen Upgrade Set

all stuck on

Recently, I ordered Reprolabel sets for Beast Hunters Smokescreen, and for Masterpiece Sideswipe. After hours of painstakingly applying them, and an equal amount of time spent cursing them, I finally finished and took a few photo's.

It was a painstaking process, but years of practice with Panini football sticker books has stood me in good stead, and lead to this moment.

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

X2 Toys XT004 Interception Metroplex Gun Review

the box

I have taken more photo's of this, than almost anything else in the history of my life. You may be forgiven for thinking that that must mean there is a lot to this set, and it would make sense. However, owing to me still recovering from knee surgery, and so not able to get in positions to take photo's easily, and also due to the sheer size of Metroplex - well that's how I ended up with close to a hundred pictures of something that does not really do that much.

Don't worry, I am not going to post all those photo's here, but I hope it goes some way to explaining quite why the photo's are not as great as I would like.

This right here is X2 Toys extra gun for Metroplex. Hasbro's retail release of the venerable Metrotitan only comes with one gun, whilst Takara's and special editions come with two. Metroplex is quite famous for having two guns also.

So these guys caught wind of an exploitable gap in the market, and then went a step further by making it transform.

x2 toys metroplex gun in Metroplexs hand

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