Thursday, 28 April 2016

Perfect Effect PC-06 Perfect Combiner Devastator upgrade kit review

prowlastator perfect effect devastator upgrade

Regular readers will have noticed I love the heck out of upgrading my Combiner Wars figures. Hasbro get so close but sometimes they could do with a little extra nudge to get them over the line.

Perfect Effect have ruled the Combiner Wars upgrade kit landscape with several kits for each combiner released thus far, and even a kit for one that hasn't. This set is one of two they've released for Devastator and features a few bits and bobs and the fabled cab cover that should cure Mixmaster of his "I make a tiny foot" affliction.

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Friday, 22 April 2016

Fanstoys FT-14 Forager Review

fanstoys forager forager review

As a kid I had a special love for the G1 Insecticons and they are the one group where my fondness leans far more to their original toys rather than the cartoon. Whenever new toys of the G1 Insecticons show up in any form - Liam's eyes go large. Kickback more than any of the others has always been in my top 10 Transformers list for oh....*checks watch*...about 30 years.

So what do we have here, in this box kindly sent along by TFS Express (via Maz)? Well, that would be a test shot  of Forager - Fanstoys take on a Masterpiece Kickback. The first two member of the group were big hits and Grenadier almost single handedly turned me around on Fanstoys with his big lump of angry faceplated evil.

I have high hopes, I hope you can tell. If not, I am telling that I have high hopes.

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*Please remember that this is a test shot so may feature issues that are not found on the final figure