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Unique Toys Metropolis Cityset for Generations Metroplex

Unique toys metroplex upgrade

Unique Toys are a company who's toy's I have never bought, as they always seem to come with some caveat.

First there was the Predaking who needed a whole separate chest section to be added, that stored nowhere. Then there was the Galvatron (Mani King), who had no wrist swivels, giving him Gorilla arms. Next up were Sharkticons which were either broken, or not the joins were not lined up properly, and a G1 style Blaster who was too small to fit the standard Cassette bots. Not for me thanks.

But this then curiosity started to appear. A new head for Generations Metroplex, based more on his comics appearance, and some extra little accessories for his other modes.

I am a sucker for add-on's for Metroplex, so I was eager to hand over money for it.

unique toys new nogging for metroplex

The odd thing is, when it came the box has a a rather nice image of G1 Metroplex on the front, of which no part of this set is based, nor is the figure it is designed to upgrade.


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metroplex vs the seacons

Let just remind ourselves what Metroplex usually looks like- and its that above. Yes, there he is in all his glory playing with two Seacons. The fun never stops.

As you can see, there is nothing really wrong with his original head, and it looks fine. I was not a fan of the weird chin, but overall it looks nice in robot mode.

So you wouldn't think it needs upgrading.

in box image of Unique Toys Metropolis Cityset for Generations Metroplex

But if you have already gotten this far, you know Unique Toys thought it did need changing. Opening the box, this what you get. A new head, two radar/missile arrays and 4 double barrelled cannons.

Not bad, Metroplex can always use more firepower, just in case having enough to crack the planet in half was not already enough.

how to install the new head for metroplex

First thing to do, is remove the grey piece from the new head with a screwdriver. It is the front of his neck, and it comes pre-attached with two screws.

the back of metroplex head

Then you want to flip up the back of Metroplex's stock head, and remove the two screws holding it together. Is it just me, or does it look like a face sticking its tongue out?

Once you have removed it, its just a case of removing the light piping, and sliding the front of the face forward.

install metroplexs neww head

Once that's achieved, you should be left with a headless Metroplex, and you can screw his hand back together and take all sorts of amusing photo's- or chuck it in a box. Possibly a cardboard box (RIP Bobby Womack).

generations metroplex with upgraded head

Take the new head, and slide it on to the grey peg on Metroplex's neck area. This bit can be a bit tricky, because you then attach the grey piece, and screw it into place. It's not difficult, but the screw holes can be blocked by his face, and you have to screw them in slightly upwards.

I used a magnetic screw driver, which is pretty handy and helped me avoid shenanigans.

Do screw them in tight though, as it has a knack for wanting to come apart.

the two heads compared

Once its on, you instantly notice the huge difference it makes.

For a start, its quite a bit bigger than the original head. The level of detail is much greater over the stock head, and Unique Toys have done well to capture IDW's design for Metroplex's titanic head.

The red ear antenna's are a lot taller, and sleeker, and look a heck of a lot nicer.

His face is the real improvement though, as it looks a lot better, and more like a robot face.

The cons here, are that you don't get the visor, and you also lose the light up articulated eyes. I mostly used the visor on the old head, as it looks more like the cartoon, and is just cooler, but its no great loss. The quality of the face is so good, I am very happy to let him have eyes.
The face does look sort of Ape like though, which is weird, and I just keep thinking- "Optimus Primal?"

The light up eyes feature is no great loss either, as its not something I used, and as I don't have the batteries in now - it means no more annoying noises when I accidentally press the button.

the new head on the body

If you step back, you will notice just how well it goes in proportion to his body. Gone is the tiny head, that made him look a bit squat, and now the new head makes him somehow look taller and ganglier?

Must be a magic trick.

The head does now have extra articulation, so not only can turn from side to side, but it can now look up and down. Its surprising how much difference that makes, and how many hours of fun you can have making Metroplex nod.

There's an action figure for the future Hasbro, you can have that one for free. Or just send me free toys.

The quality of the plastic is very good, and it does not feel cheap or out of place on a retail figure. An obvious criticism, and its a very valid one, is the join in the plastic that runs down the middle of the forehead-it looks rubbish.
Unique Toys really should have spent more time on that, as it ruins the finish of the set quite a bit. Maybe this is the caveat for this set? Looks great, but has a huge, unsightly join down the middle?

new head and weaponary for metroplex

The extra accessories can also be attached to any of Metroplex's many peg holes. Most pictures I have seen previously, have him armoured up like the picture above, with all the weapons covering his body.

I always like the idea that when Metroplex transforms to Battle Station, or City mode, cannons, rocket launchers and all his artillery then unfold.

He does not need them all to be visible when in bot mode.

how to store all of metroplexs new weapons

So I store them all on the back.

There's tons of ports, and I personally prefer to have them hidden away here. It looks cleaner, and by placing them two cannons on his spine and facing them outwards like they are above, it adds a tiny bit extra to his thin waist from the front.

They do look great attached to Metroplex's arms and wherever in robot mode, it's still a good look, but I am much more into having them as features for the other modes.

in battlestation mode

Also, it means when you transform him into the Rolling Battle Station of Epic Death and Destruction, all these weapons suddenly become visible without you having to remove them.

The extra weapons look great in this mode, and they make a lot more sense. This mode just looks great all armoured up and you can picture it in an epic battle, well I can at least.

God bless you imagination.

transformed head and weapons

The face also slides forward on a hinge, to transform into a weapons platform of some sort. It imitates how the original G1 toy's head was pressed down into his body leaving only the top of his head visible.
I really like it for this reason.

It looks so much better than the stock head which flips over the face, and a weird T shaped bit sticks out. This just looks a lot more fitting, ever if the back looks like a small pyramid sticking up there.
It transforms, that's enough guys.

head transforms!

The head also acts as a seat for smaller figures to sit (or stand really)in, and I suppose it becomes a command console.

This works great in city mode, and its cool having a tiny figure in there commanding the base. I say tiny, because that's the sort of size that will fit in it.
In the picture, I am using a Kabaya Powerglide, and if you have WST's, they will work too. Going bigger than that, the mini cons that come with the Generations Legends also just about fit, but Legends class are too big.
This ain't no seat for Scamper yo.

add ons for metroplex in city mode

You can't really tell in that picture, but he is covered in weaponry.

I place two of the cannons on the white pieces that cover the front ramps, and then I put one each in the bays, because they have computer consoles so it looks like the legends figures are controlling them.

One of the radar/missile arrays is placed on the helipad, and the other onto of the flip out gun on his arm.

I was always a fan of how many weapons suddenly flipped out or became obvious in base mode of the original G1 toy, so for me its probably the most fitting mode for the weapons to be displayed.

Handily, for weapons that you can unpeg and move around, they are made from strong materials and feel just as good as anything else on the figure. The little bits of paint are nice, and make them blend in well with Metroplex.

Metroplex is a toy that is perfect for 3rd party add-ons and accessories. Unique Toys have found a niche with a new head, and made great use of his many peg holes by providing lots of extra weaponry.

Its a very good set, and its the type of 3rd party item that I love. Rather than full figures, I tend to lean more towards the add-ons and upgrades.

The quality is great, and if you want a more comic accurate head then you will be very happy. Its not something that is a must buy, but it will improve your figure.

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  2. I have been on the fence on this set for a while.
    However after looking at your review, if i see it at a good sale price, i will spring for it.